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bsw TestSystems & Consulting is a measurement solution provider for the semiconductor, electronic and telecom industry as well as research and development institutes. Our emphasis is on RF/µw techniques and high-speed digital, more specific on S-parameters, tuner measurement techniques for noise parameters and load-pull, Signal Integrity applications, DC/CV parameter extraction and contacting/fixturing solutions.


New: First Non-contact Probe Station

Tired of breaking your expensive contact probes? Want to test you electronic wafers without even touching them? TeraProbes presents the first non-contact probe station for on-wafer device and IC characterization. See YouTube Videos.

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Rauschparameter schnell und reproduzierbar messen

Journal: Elektronik Praxis
Date of Publication: November 2017

Effektives Debugging des Stromverbrauchs batteriebetriebener Geräte

Journal: all-electronics
Date of Publication: October 2017