Electronic fuse, eFuse

During on-wafer testing of high power semiconductor devices slight mechanical deviation of the probe or unreliable contacting may result in destruction of the device under test and the expensive probe due to high short circuit current.

In cooperation with FBH, Berlin, Agil Elektronik developed a new and very fast eFuse.The maximum allowable DC current is configured in the eFuse device. If this current limit is exceeded during operation the eFuse switches off the current within approximately 300ns. Due to this short shut down time the total electrical energy during the short circuit incident is low enough to avoid damage of the probe and the device under test in many cases. In switch off state the eFuse represents an open loop and no noteworthy energy is consumed in the eFuse. For easy integration in automated test setup the eFuse is equipped with a RS232 interface. Beside control also actual DC current and state of operation can be retrieved.

You find more details concerning the eFuse in this data sheet.