Active mmwave Load Pull System

For mmWave load pull measuring stations for waveguide bands standard setups as they are used with coax tuners are no longer suitable. A new type of measurement setup can cover a frequency range from WR-10 (50-75GHz) to WR-1.0 (750-1100GHz). Details for this new active load pull system are available here ...

The following measuring instruments are used:

Network analyzer with waveguide extender modules and mmWave power meter.

  • Expansion modules - these modules are suitable for all waveguide frequency bands up to WR-1.0.
  • Control unit, often based on a PXI frame.

The control software supports the following features:

Integration of measuring instruments by means of GPIB and USB interfaces.

  • Integration of a power supply for the DUT
  • Power and S parameter integration at the waveguide ports and at probe tip level
  • Automatic capturing of measurement data for active load pull measurements
  • Visualization of all relevant measurement data, for instance load impedance and power in the Smith chart, S parameters, power sweep measurement data, efficiency
  • Editing of measurement data, e. g. load circuit insertion