Pulsed voltage sources and current-voltage pulse measurement systems (PIV) by Focus-Microwaves

Focus-Microwave’s pulse measurement systems are synchronised pulse generators with time-resolved measurement system for current and voltage. They have been optimised for the following tasks:

  • Pulsed current-voltage measurements on high frequency and power semiconductors at the input and output of the module.
  • RF characteristics of pulsed powered devices: S-parameters, power characteristics, IM3, load pull with mechanical and active tuner systems.
  • Characterisation of memory, interface and recharge effects on semiconductor components using a pre-pulse (Tri-State Systems).

Measurements with pulse excitation are necessary when isothermal characteristics and memory effects have to be measured. But also when semiconductor components require such high power consumption that a measurement in continuous wave mode is no longer possible due to self-heating. Especially in the case of power semiconductors in the form of individual chips or wafers that are contacted on probe stations, there is usually insufficient heat dissipation. The only remaining alternative for non-destructive testing then is the use of pulse sources.