Probe Holder: bridging the gap between micropositioner and probe needle

An often underrated accessory is the Probe Holder sometimes called Probearm. This is a mechanical element, fixed on one side via a faceplate to a Micropositioner and the other side holding a Probeneedle. In addition it may also be used to guide the final distance of the measurement cable on its way to the needle and contact pad.

Mechanically simple Probearms may provide a cost effective way of bridging this gap. However, in quite a few applications the Probe Holder in itself needs to be an intricate work of fine mechanics. An example is the very flexible Arm required to reach through a local enclosure to a coaxial probeneedle.

The electrical contact between the DUT (Device Under Test) and your measurement equipment is done with a so-called probeneedle. For general purpose applications there are inexpensive and durable needles available. However, some applications require special solutions to achieve maximum performance:

  • Measurement of very low currents or voltages
  • Measurement of very high currents or voltages
  • Special probe-contacts for e.g. measurements of capacitance

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