Fully automated Probe System for Life ®

Fully automated systems with probing, from individual dies up to 450mm

The Probe System for Life ® (PS4L) family of wafer probers is based on SemiProbe’s patented adaptive probe system architecture.

Unlike traditional probe systems, all modules, including the bases, stages, chucks, microscope bridges and manipulators, are interchangeable. This makes the PS4L the perfect solution for a large number of different applications and budgets.

This unique, modular system ensures an optimal test configuration for each individual customer application. An additional advantage of the PS4L system is its ability to be upgraded in the field to fulfil any new requirements.

Due to the design philosophy of the PS4L, customers can achieve substantial time and cost savings in comparison to traditional prober systems, since it is not necessary to invest into a new platform if the wafer size, the automation level or the test requirements should change.

Overview fully automated PS4L Systems