High Voltage Test Enclosure

Flexible HV Test Enclosure (10KV) for large semiconductor components (modules)

Standard EN50191, "Erection and operation of electrical test equipment", describes the workplace design requirements for test stations where hazardous voltages are present; therefore, it also applies to semiconductor testing. The standard is relevant for the following ranges:

  • Voltages >60V DC or >25V AC and
  • Currents above 3mA AC or 12mA DC,
  • Stored electrical energy > 350mJ

To assist with the design of these workplaces, bsw has developed HV test trolleys and test cages with the relevant safety equipment, as well as other accessories for safe workplace design. Depending on the instrumentation, the test station can be customized to present an ideal environment for test and characterization of large components. The test station may also be used as a workspace enhancement for fixtures, e. g. by Keysight Technologies. In this case, all safety-related functions are transferred from the fixture to the bsw hood (e. g. Keysight N1265A or N1259A; other manufacturers on request).

Base cabinet with a 19" assembly level, for measurement instrumentation etc.

Unterbauwagen mit 19“ Montageebene für Messinstrumentierung, etc.

The test cells consist of a stable, highly insulating plastic material; they can be closed by a transparent swivel hood. The integrated safety switch serves to lock the hood and to release the high voltage sources. This ensures that no high voltage is activated while the hood is in the open state.

In the bottom of the test cage, a generously sized wiring space is available. An interchangeable adapter plate in the test cell – optionally equipped with a changeable interface – allows quick and easy adaptation to various DUT types as well as the installation of fixtures by different manufacturers.

Preconfigured breakouts allow an easy installation of connectors or other common interfaces or cable grommets. Due to the precisely adjusted gas springs, the hood can be opened and closed with hardly any force. The ball bearings of the hood are dimensioned for the high cycle numbers of a production environment.

The optional ventilation system for the interior space supports the characterization of semiconductor modules at varying temperatures.

Technical data

  • Approved operating voltage: max 10KV at <=2000m above NN in the entire usable space
  • Standards: EN50191 / EN61010-1
  • Pollution degree: 1
  • Material: PVC light gray / transparent
  • Gas spring/ball bearings, dimensioned as low-maintenance components for high cycle numbers
  • CE compliant

Optional features

  • Base cabinet with a 19" assembly level, for measurement instrumentation etc.
  • System power supply with emergency stop functionality
  • Light beacon, mounted in or on the test cell, for an optimum position in the user's field of vision
  • Optional operation and monitoring, e.g. within the hood, by means of a keyboard tray or a side arm
  • Optional integration of a barcode/QR code reader
  • Safe temperature monitoring of the interior space by means of an active, thermostat-controlle fan unit

from left to right: gas spring, light beacon with fan, back, underbody