The modular PurePulse Platform: highly flexible and ease-of-use

The unique PurePulse Platform offers modularity and flexibility. There are modules available for HBM, MM, TLP, VF-TLP und HMM. The modules for HBM and MM are „low parasitic“ modules. A multitude of configurations are available from manual to high speed semi-automatic teststations. For high confidence and further engineering analysis all measurement curves can be stored – not only the pass/fail results.

The most advanced model makes use of a tailored waferprober and accessories for high speed testing of modules up to 100mm or wafers up to 300mm. Software controlled motorized positioners will automatically place the two testpins to virtually every technically possible combination.


Manual Probe Station

Motorized Probe Station

Semi-Auto Probe Station

Manual Positioners

Manual Testing all DUTs


Wafer Stepping

CAP Probes

Small Packages, Bare Die

Multiple small Packages using Vision



All Packages, Bare Die


All DUTs