Our strengths

Services at bsw TestSystems & Consulting are divided in three groups since we are, afterall, a technical sales organization:

  • measurement service
  • maintenance and repair
  • purchasing & logistics.
Measurement Services

The fields where we are active are:

  • Signal integrity measurements in frequency domain (S-parameters) or time domain (TDR/TDT), eyediagram, etc. We use adapter boards or probe pads on the pcb for contact.

  • Measurements for DC characterization and modeling of transistors, packaged or on-wafer:
      -  low leakage current/voltage (IV) measurements
      - High voltage/high current measurements, typically pulsed, on power devices

  • Thermal visualization with IR or via Thermal Reflectance of active devices and circuits to find hot-spots, MTBF analysis.

  • S-parameter measurements of e.g.
      -  on passive or active, connectorized modules
      -  active devices, packaged or on-wafer, versus biasing and/or temperature

  • Noise figure and noise parameters of transistors
  • Power and Load-Pull measurements, at RF (mobile-comm.) frequencies, microwave and millimeter wave measurements

The location where we can do the measurements is either at bsw premises near Stuttgart or more and more also at public institutes where we are in contact with over a long time.

Maintenance and Repair

We exploit our experience with products from our suppliers for maintenance and repair services, e.g.:

  • maintenance/repair of electromechanical impedance tuners
  • maintenance/repair of power amplifiers
Purchasing and Logistics

Medium to large organizations face the fact that adding and maintaining relations with each and every supplier, whether it is in person or in the ERP system, costs time and money. They can use our expertise to out-source part of the process e.g. market research or purchasing special products, one-off or small quantities, import/export. Specially in the area of RF, microwave and millimeterwave components and instrumentation we have a long standing track record and experience.