Education is important!

With our trainings we want to help your employees to solve their problems and use new instruments from the very beginning with high productivity.

How we can support you

bsw offers a range of up-to-date training courses covering modern HF measurement technologies, either to gain basic knowledge or for further education in the subject area. Our training courses are designed with special emphasis on modularity and flexibility. The course materials as well as the presentations are created by experts for experts. The training content can of course be adapted to your specific requirements, for instance regarding diversity and depth of content. Upon request, fundamental theoretical subjects can be combined with exercises and hands-on training. The time required for training is put to efficient use, since it not only enhances the expertise of your employees, but also their motivation.

"Standing still is falling behind!"

If you participate in our trainings and workshops, you will not stand still, but increase your speed, since tedious self-study and expensive failed attempts can be avoided.