Getting high output power (10W … kW range) at RF and microwave frequencies is not easy, especially when a large, multi-octave bandwidth is required. Our partner Ophir-RF specializes on design and manufacturing such RF Power amplifiers using LDMOS and GaN devices and state of the art combining techniques. In the frequency range of 10kHz up to 8GHz they deliver RF power amplifiers as modules and as what we call a ‘system’.

The systems typically come with a 19” rackmount enclosure (or a complete rack for >1kW systems!) with extensive protection and control functions:
- fixed gain setting or output power seting via an Automatic Level Control (ALC) featue,
- forward and reverse power monitoring,
- shut-down when exceeding a certain VSWR limit,
- temperature, end-stage voltage/current monitoring,
- local display and remote control of above features (via GPIB, USB or TCPIP).

The typical application area’s for the high-power RF amplifier are:
- Passive Load-pull device characterization to create a high drive power,
- active load-pull for as drive and injection amplifier,
- general F power test environment,
- EMC test-range, e.g. to drive a TM-cell to sufficient fieldstrength,
- Medical, e.g. MRI equipment or Cancer treatment,
- High energy physics, particle accelerators and colliders.

For special applications, e.g dual or triple band amplifiers, at fair power levels (typically 1 … 150W) bsw TestSystems and Consulting offers the service to place RF power modules from Ophir-RF or other suppliers into a 19” enclosure with power supplies, heatsink and fans, CE approved and tested.