HF Amplifier

Whether a HF amplifier which is mounted in a 19" rack is viewed as an instrument, a system or a component largely depends on the point of view of the application developer. We list this product family here; however we would like to point out that our 19" amplifiers for rack-mount and benchtop applications, as well as modules without power supply, are listed in the "Components" section.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for there, please contact us. Our suppliers have a broad know-how and lots of expertise. It might be easier than you think to accommodate your specific requirements.

Are you looking for a 19" solution which only has the functional features? We supply integrated modules, complete with a complementary cooling concept and power supply, which are tailored to your specific requirements – including final test and CE declaration!

The amplifiers can be found on our Components - Amplifiers page.