Arbitrary Waveform Generator (TABOR)

The intensive development of analog-to-digital converters in the last decades brought these devices from 100MHz up to very high frequencies.  As a fact, manifold usable arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) are now available for more than 10GHz.

We deal with the new and powerful AWG series from TABOR:

  • SE5081: 1-Channel AWG with 5 GSamples/s maximum sampling rate.
  • SE5082: 2-Channel AWG 5 GSamples/s maximum sampling rate for both channels
The new SE5081 AWG from TABOR with 5GSamples/s
Type SE 5081 SE 5082
Output Channels
(Single Ended or differentiall)
1 2
Frequency Range
For frequency >1..2GHz external band-pass filter is needed. For <1..2GHz, dependent on application, external low-pass filtering is recommended.
Normal operation: DC to 2,5GHz
Multi-Nyquist operation (4th Nyquist-zone): up to 10GHz
Output Voltage Up to 4GH about 1,5Vp-p single-ended or 3,0Vp-p differential (High load impedance)
Available Sampling Waveforms NRZ (Non-Return to Zero): for DC- 2GHz
RTZ (Return to Zero): up to 7,5GHz
NRTZ (Narrow-Return to Zero): for DC up to about 2GHz
HF (RF): for broad-band operation up to 10GHz
Skew-Control - 10ps resolution for -3..+3ns
Rise and Fall-Time 150ps
Waveform Memory Size
For self designed waveforms
16 M (64M optional) 16 M (64M optional)
Modulation Types AM, FM, PSK, ASK, Amplitude Hopping, Frequency Hopping, Sweep- und Chirpmodulation, Pulse
Sequencer For Step-, Loop-, Nest- und Jump-Szenarios
Trigger-Funktionen Hold-Off, Detect Pulse Width, Wait-for-Waveform-End, Restart
Control Interfaces LAN, USB, GPIB

If you are interested we would be happy to forward you more information. In case our demonstration device is available, we can offer a practical test in your laboratory.

Please find the TABOR-datasheet here:

Link to SE-Datasheet