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Contacting / Probe Stations - manual

Most cost-efficient manual probe station for every application

When single dies or connections are fixed or contacted, a manual probe station is adequate in most cases. We have standard models for various applications. Of course a special probe station can be designed for your individual measurement tasks. Do you need a high resolution microscope? A camera? A hotchuck?

bsw manual Probe Station MaPS 1

The manual probe station MaPS 1, developed by bsw, is a cost-efficient entry-level solution for contacting and probing of PCBs. The probe station provides a lot of space for your circuit board and supports horizontal and vertical contacting. You can fix your PCB with the flexible PCB-holders. The positioning of the probe holder and the microscope is flexible too. Easy to prepare you have more spare time for your measurements like S-Parameter, signal integrity, power integrity, etc.

The MaPS 1 can be ordered wih many options. Beside the probe holders for common HF probes we offer holders for DC or oscilloscopes probes.

Precise measurement within seconds at minmal costs. Have a look in our datasheet.