Contacting / Probe Stations

bsw TestSystems & Consulting cooperates with several partners for probing and contacting tasks. This allows us to design comprehensive solutions according to your specifications and to supply probe stations which are customized for your application, including suitable probes for all frequency ranges. We also deliver DC probes suited for low voltages as well as the high voltage range.

We cooperate with the customer to turn up the systems and will provide training for you and your employees. During the subsequent period, we will take care of upgrades and enhancements, provide advanced training and offer quick and competent help in case of problems.

SemiProbe is our partner for probe stations. Due to our cooperation with partners in the United States, we can find solutions for almost any application.

The modular setup of Probestation4Life supports customization and upgrades if the requirements should change. As an example, it is possible at any time to upgrade a manual prober to a semiautomatic prober, or to upgrade the system for measuring larger wafers.

The manual LabAssistant probers are ideally suited for less complex laboratory applications, since they can simply be placed on the lab table. For vibration-sensitive applications or when using extreme enlargements, we recommend an optical table or a benchtop platform, for instance by Kinetic Systems.

For an exact analysis of your needs, please check the "Analytical Probe System Checklist E-Book" of Semiprobe. This is a guide on how to buy a semiconductor analytical probe system.